Word Superscript and Subscript Find and Replace

Did you know that you can do a find for something like H2O and replace it with H2O, m3 with m3, and kg-1 with kg1?

Word’s Find and Replace to the rescue… In this example, I’ll use H2O but the same technique applies for anything similar.

  1. Change one of the incorrect instances of H2SO4 to the correct formatting  (H2SO4).
  2. Copy the correct format (H2SO4) to the clipboard (select all the text and then press Ctrl+C).
  3. Open Word’s Find and Replace (Ctrl+H).
  4. In the Find what field, type H2O (the incorrect format).
  5. In the Replace with field, type ^c (that’s a Shift+6 for the caret [^] character and a lower case ‘c‘ — the ‘c’ MUST be lower case).
  6. Click Replace All.

Is technology building a better professor?

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