Dell Venue 8 Pro Failures

Previously I chronicled my setup journey for the Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet computer. The conclusion is that dealing with tablets running Windows 8 is an arduous task. After this experience I am convinced that the iOS experience is so superior that a comparison cannot even be approached in a rational manor.

It may be a hardware issue. Each time I pick up the Venue 8 Pro tablet it is a real gamble if it is going to connect to the wifi. If it does not it is a convoluted dance to try to get the wifi card to wakeup and connect. Consequently it is unreliable as a tool.

I seriously wish I had spent the money on an iPad Mini, because for all its limitations, it works. Every time.

Update: Updated to Windows 10. The WiFi connection issue has stabilized, and for the better. I still have reservations about using this device. It seems as thought the Windows Apps are very much behind iOS. It is a shifting landscape for portable devices and things may change. I suppose to read a web page this thing is alright, but it is a toy compared to iOS so I am not trusting anything important to this device.

What is important? Content creation. For that matter I trust OS X for content creation and mostly relegate inception and reply to iOS.

Is technology building a better professor?

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