FFA – Cultivated vs Uncultivated

On fertilizing.   In the Oklahoma Guidebook on page 8 under  Fertilizer and Soil Amendments there is no where I can see that it says specifically to fertilize class 1-4 and not fertilize class 5-7.  All I see is that Fertilizers and soil amendments are essential to the production of crops.  I know that you have not been fertilizing if it has been class 6 or 7.  I agree.  Does this apply to class five also.  Used to under old Texas rules they sometimes fertilized class five because was flooded and usually bermudagrass patch.  If you give us class five (frequently flooded) will you fertilize it anytime?  Or will you never fertilize it?   Thanks for your thoughts.
See Oklahoma Guide pages 6 and 7 “General Guide for Selecting Land Capability Classes” and note that the classes are divided into “Cultivated” and “Non-culvated” and the Non-cultivated would be those that do not receive cultivation practices; such as fertilization. This is a historical viewpoint and perhaps not applicable for the future, but this captures the spirit of the FFA Career Development Event “Land Evaluation” as presented in the Oklahoma Guidebook.

Is technology building a better professor?

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