Questions asked by FFA Coaches

By Donald G. McGahan, Ph.D.
Revised: April 9, 2017

FFA Land CDE Questions

The questions and answers presented are not a comprehensive list.
Limited posting of questions and answers are presented here and mostly as a reference since these are frequent, or troublesome, questions.
Often the answers go beyond the actual FFA Land CDE event. The more flushed answers are meant to help as edification for the coaches and to show that there is so much more to Land Evaluation that what is presented in the FFA Land CDE. That is not to limit the information to coaches eyes only, it is just to state that it is not written to address the high school judger directly though there is no reason the high school judger might not want to try to approach this material. Finally, little effort is invested in editing these for clarity and proper grammar or spelling.

Soil Factors
Interpretation of Soil Factors

Part II – Mechanical Land Treatments
Other Factors

Cultivated vs Non-cultivated

Is technology building a better professor?

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