Citations, blog posts, and WordPress

When adding citations to blog posts the bibliography as an endnote seems untenable. The very nature of web pages promotes a non-linear approach to content.

Browser tabs help quickly switching between pages, but the reader has to get to the page with the endnotes (bibliography). It is annoying to know the author is referring to a scholarly work, a clarification, or another web page and not have a ready hyperlink to what is referred to.

Bloggs and web pages are actually fairly straightforward links to add in WordPress. If either of these are from you’r own site it is relatively easy, if you’re good at the page or post titles.

Academic writing frequently uses inline citations and Reference lists  or Bibliographies at the end of Articles. Books are another story. When a book has multiple authors and compiled by editors each Chapter is self contained with respect to the inline citations and bibliography or reference list. It would not be uncommon to direct a citation back to a specific Chapter.

Increasingly, Books, and Book Chapters are available online.

This weblog post chronicles a glimpse of my approaching citations to Books and Book Chapters using WordPress in the least cumbersome and most coherent manor. I would like my site to have some coherency and reflect scholarly norms by including citations. Wikipedia is also moving down this path of documenting the citations on a per-page basis.

Another issue is that I reuse Book and Book Chapter citations and it would be handy to have them ready made in WordPress similar to how pictures. Another example that I have found is the TablePress plugin for reusing tables.

Where I am at

The current list of webpages that I am looking at to help with this is below.

Limited time keeps me from attacking this in one chunk. I expect this list to grow and this post get refreshed and updated.