Installing Homebrew

I chose to install Homebrew and let it due the heavy lifting for adding packages.

First Xcode needed to be installed from the Apple Applications Menu.
Then start Xcode and accept the agreement or Homebrew will moan.
I installed Homebrew using the terminal command at their site.

Following the Homebrew installation run:

brew update

brew doctor

And possibly fix the items mentioned in brew doctor. Some do not need fixing and are only warnings.

After that simply run:

brew update && brew upgrade

But see the add-on below.

The next suggested addition is Cask. Cask extends Homebrew to allow managing the installation of graphical applications using the command line.

To get the add-on Cask run:

brew tap caskroom/cask

Then the way to update is to simply run:

brew update; brew cleanup; brew cask cleanup

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