Presentation Software

I have to admit I am starting to develop bad habits.  I know better.  I have to be stronger at resisting.

“PowerPoint makes us stupid.”
— Gen. James N. Mattis, Marine Corps

I came across this page.

What Not To Do When Making a Keynote Presentation

by Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

In academia we are constantly pushed to take important information and make it simple.

I like steak.  If someone chops up a steak and then puts it in a blender until I no longer have to chew, it is just not the same!  This is what students often ask for.  Furthermore, they want us to add sugar.  That’s baby food!  In college, students need to chew on it.

Don’t get me wrong.  It is important that the steak is cooked correctly; and the cut of meat determines the preparation, cooking, and presentation of the steak.

Presentation is important, and Dr. Wetmore has a few Don’ts that I agree with.