Podcasting or Vodcasting

I have begun to explore the world of podcasting.
During a recent presentation at a Universal Design Faculty Learning Community Committee meeting at Tarleton State University I was asked about the hardware, software, and work flow for the creation of a rough Enhanced Podcast that I produced and demonstrated based on a lecture module for my Soils, Land Use and The Environment (AGRN302) course.

The Enhanced Podcast was audio laid over the Powerpoint(R) slides.  I used GarageBand.app on my MacBook Pro to do this.  A very nice feature was the addition of loops.  Apple has a very brief how-to.

plantronicsFoldingThe Plantronics headset (Plantronics Foldable USB Stereo Headset) was chosen after a, not inconsiderable, investigation on the web.  I believe what swayed my decision to purchase this headset was several comments to the effect that if the podcast creation task was untenable that the headset could be used for Skype or music.  The price was modest and the audio is acceptable.  I have noted that the audio can be different from on session to another so I must be mindful of this.