SOILWEB for the iPhone

A new soil iPhone application is available on the iTunes store.


SoilWeb for the iPhone        By CA Soil Resource Lab

The principal author is Dylan Beaudette.

At the SSSA meetings Pittsburgh. PA. 2009 Annual Meetings, Nov. 1-5, Pittsburgh, PA I had a chance to visit with Dylan Beaudette and catch up on his pedological escapades.  At that time I suggested that he write an iPhone application as an extension of the Online Soil Survey he wrote so us soil-heads that use an iPhone could walk around with SURGO data in our shirt pocket!  He has done it.  It started out with AZ, Ca, NV, & OR and at my request he has added Texas. He is now in the process of  adding NM, CO, UT, & WY.

Who needs a pocket protector when you have a shinny iPhone! 🙂

Yes, I love the paper copy of a Soil Survey, but I often am caught without a copy in my back pocket.

I have tested this app in its development forms and it’s great.  It’s FREE.

Dylan is a doctoral candidate at University of California, Davis.  Dylan’s mentor/advisor is Dr. Anthony ‘Toby’ O’Geen.  To see other things that Toby’s group is working on visit