University instruction in the United States of America increasingly demands technology.

This site is for tidbits of using technology as a tool, repository of How-To’s, access to scientific methods handy to my college laboratory, and a blog to discuss technology and pedagogy.

What can you expect here?

My academic discipline content, musings, and so forth. Kind of like that tool drawer in the kitchen, or the coffee can with nuts and screws on your work bench. Some instructional content (some full-on instructional lessons), some methods and references, some quick how-to’s. Often things show up here prior to moving them to another site, and when this happens, I will attempt to be transparent.

What guides all of this?

I ask several questions of myself as a higher education Professor. Is the technology a tool? Is it becoming grafted into our pedagogy such that we are bionic? Are we becoming Borg?

As a University Professor I think about the tools I use for delivery of content, and I think about how they are used. I often wish the tools were better, or easier to use.

My impression is that today many learners cannot understand why University instructors don’t deliver more flash, wow, pop, bang, and glitz. The learner of today is surrounded and bombarded by very polished and often sophisticated sales pitches and at Universities we generally are using technologies from 200 to 400 years ago.

A good story told in person is powerful. We learn much by discourse.  Personally, I believe that the great technology of the Gutenberg press is still important, but can it be augmented?

I use technology. Technologies are tools. I get a little wrapped up in what they can do. Am I becoming Professor Borg? Is resistance to technology futile?